He Return To J2EE Standards!

He didn’t mention why EJB3.0 is better than other framework though, it’s quite meaningful in terms of unification. That’s true there are too many frameworks out there!!

Spring + Hibernate EJB3, POJO + JDBC?
— In the beginning there was nothing: no Java and no data. Then someone said, let there be data and relational databases with SQL were born. And someone said, let Java talk to databases, and JDBC was born. And someone saw that JDBC was good, but someone else saw that JDBC was bad, and EJB with CMP were created. And someone said, J2EE containers are bad and POJO has resurrected. And entity beans were slow and heavy; Hibernate was born and people forgot SQL, which was a sin.


One Response to “He Return To J2EE Standards!”

  1. Granted, EJB3 does bring something in terms of unification, but it does also have significant omissions from its API, and for some its Architecture can be questioned (Session Management of EntityManager via Stateful Session Beans).

    Refer for EJB3 API Omissions:

    For some indeed EJB3 will be good enough and they would say ‘there are too many frameworks’… but others could equally say there are still too many issues with EJB3.

    Have you ever thought what EJB3.0 would look like if Hibernate never existed? Do you think all the features in Hibernate are in EJB3? Do you think EJB3 is as good as it gets?

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