Random Numbers – shuffling (and $300 Million)

$300 Million, is this enough amount of money for a good tiny program?
of course it is!
Well, current estimated jackpot is $300 million for this Saturday. oh my god! huh?
okay then, let make a tiny program to get me a luck.
– This is my idea.
1. I need to generate five random numbers form 1 to 55 without repeat.
2. another number from 1 to 42 independently.
int powerBall = generator.nextInt(42)+1;
3. open a text file of past winning numbers and, count those numbers.
4. add weight to generate random numbers based on the past winning numbers.

To implement, I think shuffling array would be the most easiest way.

int[] numbers = new int[55];
int length = numbers.length;

for (int i=0; i < length ; i++)
numbers[i] = i+1;

for (int i=0; i < length; i++) {
int position = generator.nextInt(length);
int tmp = numbers[i];
numbers[i] = numbers[position];
numbers[position] = tmp;

then we can pick 5 of them. with our lucky algorithm.

good luck!!

Past winning numbers


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