Personal and Team Software Process (PSP,TSP)

In software engineering area, there are many software development methods. Waterfall, spiral model which are very traditional methods and many of Agile methods including XP. But all those methods are focused on the project itself. what if there are couple of teams which work independently in the same project. or what if there are couple of people who work independently.

PSP, TSP are good to try to measuring time and quality and team-based work planning and tracking.

In anycase, it also have a good fit to small size of projects.

The Team Software Process (TSP) and the Personal Software Process (PSP)
Pathways to Process Maturity


2 Responses to “Personal and Team Software Process (PSP,TSP)”

  1. Geneva Holman Says:


  2. That PSP Go really looks neat, just hope I can get a nice bundle.

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