Korean fashion style following KPOP weave

Recently KPOP is getting very popular, it called KPOP weave.  It seems like that many of Korean pop singers or groups already are on the top of music chart in Asian area including China, Japan and south eastern Asia.

This trends lead some of other fields like movies, TV dramas and fashion. Especially Korean clothing is getting more popular as Korean celebrities getting popular. Because people notice the style of Korean celebrities on TV show.

Korean fashion clothing is distinguished from others. First they are mostly for slim. sometimes it’s not make easy to find big size of clothing. Second fashion trends are changing very fast. Korea is a sort of small county, when a style is getting trends it doesn’t take that long to get spread out. The last is that they have very efficient manufacturing cycle. All these make difference on Korean fashion style.





4 Responses to “Korean fashion style following KPOP weave”

  1. Korean fashion in the drama are usually soft, flowly, elegant or classic style. In Korea, this is usually not the case, a lot of people are dressed very casually too.

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