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3D Rotation(and Align) about an arbitrary axis

Posted in Algorithm with tags , , on November 17, 2006 by wsjoung

we need several steps to do this job.
1. translate to origin
2. rotate Z
3. rotate Y


Z-Axis Rotation
x’ = x*cos q – y*sin q
y’ = x*sin q + y*cos q
z’ = z

X-Axis Rotation
y’ = y*cos q – z*sin q
z’ = y*sin q + z*cos q
x’ = x

Y-Axis Rotation
z’ = z*cos q – x*sin q
x’ = z*sin q + x*cos q
y’ = y


Java Feature, Graph3D

Posted in Java with tags , on May 27, 2006 by wsjoung

My current research obviously need to handle 3D graph. actually it just a graph. basically I need to compare those 3D images then I should choose the most common one. I am still working on it.

I hope that this Java 3D features are good for my work.

Java Feature — Graph3D In today’s work environment analyzing large amounts of varying data types is paramount. Graphing techniques can be an invaluable tool to understanding and interpreting that data. In many cases two-dimensional graphs, such as XY, scatter, pie, and bar charts, are sufficient. But increasingly more complex graphing techniques are needed. In these instances Java3D is an excellent resource with numerous features that allow personalized generation of three-dimensional data displays. Not only will Java3D yield better insight into the data by highlighting important aspects of the data, but it also makes attractive displays to spice up any presentation.