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Error Detection and Correction:

Posted in Algorithm with tags , on November 17, 2006 by wsjoung

Everyone knows that it is easy to make mistakes when lots of numbers are involved – and I’m not talking about all those slip-ups that occur in exams. It is so easy to get a few digits of a bank account number mixed up, or for fingers to slip on a keyboard and enter the wrong numbers. Imagine the consequences of these errors: things might go your way, you might get access to Bill Gates’s bank account, for example, but the chances of that are relatively slim. Alternatively, if a bar code gets printed wrongly, you might end up paying the price of a bottle of champagne for your carton of apple juice or if the number on your airline ticket is wrong, who knows where you or your luggage might end up? Luckily, there are schemes in place to detect, and in some cases even correct, such errors almost immediately.

Error Detection and Correction